FarmFriends prepaid  card  $1000
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Purchase a $1000 FarmFriends prepaid card and as a thank you we'll add an extra $1000 on your card! 

Preloaded, prepaid FarmFriends shopping card can be used online, at farmers markets and special farm events.  Stock up on cheese, honey, chicken, ground lamb, wool products (pillows, comforters, mattress toppers and wool dryer balls) and more*. FarmFriends card can also be used to renew or purchase a CSA 6 month, 1 year or 3 year.  *As supply allows – some quantities may be limited or may require pre-orders or other advance notice. Please contact us for more information on volume availability.*

How we spend our money matters so much, especially right now. Buying local, supporting each other, feeding our families good, locally grown sustainable food – these are the things that sustain us.  Your prepaid Shepherd's Way FarmFriends card saves you money and provides critical support for our small Minnesota family farm. Let’s keep building our food world together this winter!

Thank you for being a Shepherd's Way Farms FarmFriend!

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FarmFriends prepaid card $1000

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